Wednesday, November 2, 2016

ESO - Elder Scrolls Online

I've been playing ESO. It's mainly free now to play. You can do the subscription each month and get a few extra kewl things... I don't always have the money to.

There are some people I work with who hate the game and call it trash. I'm used to that. I tend to like things that others don't. ESO is similar to Skyrim but different. The story line is set about 1000 years before Skyrim.

You basically wake up to find yourself in a cell in Oblivion. You have to help this lady warrior save this blind old guy. The only way to do that is for her to exchange places with him. Thus starts the game... he gets you outta Oblivion. You find yourself in a sea town. The old guy suggests you make yourself useful to people around while he figures out how to save the warrior lady from Oblivion.

I've been told the game play dynamics of ESO are nothing like Skyrim. To me it looks just like Skyrim. Feels like Skyrim too.. just set a long time before Skyrim. And as far as I know you can't get houses in ESO.

One thing I don't like is the shared Bank... it shares with the whole account. So the bank gets filled up quickly if you have alot of characters and save alot of stuff.

I didn't get a chance to finish the Halloween Witches event they had this year. I do kind of miss the holiday stuff from World of Warcraft. And Rift sometimes has kewl holiday stuff going on.

Regardless I tend to play whatever I want... if it's a game I like I'll play it. Probably why I'm the only person that plays Final Fantasy games in my group. They all hate them (agg.. boys!) and I love the games. Love the graphics and the cinematic shorts that gives you time to breathe inbetween boss fights.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Well I tried a new online MMO game...  RIFT. It's now free to play online. It's interesting. It's similar to WoW in certain areas. There is always battles to be fought since there are always rifts opening up. You can either ignore them or run to where it is and help to battle the bad guys wanting to take over the world.

The game features an ability tree that you can add points into to get new spells or abilities depending on where you put the points. You can use a preset tree or do your own makeup.

I'm still learning the game. I have a rogue that is up to level 19. I like the way they have the fishing look. You actually look like yur battling to reel in the fish.

You can pick up to 3 "professions" to acquire...  like outfitter (tailoring), foraging (herb gathering), Butcher (skinning), mining, alchemy, runemaking, artificer (making of gadgets)and a few others. So far my rogue has mining, foraging, and artificer. I don't have them up very high yet. My lowbie mage is only like lvl 8. She's currently going for the Butcher, outfitter, and not sure what I wanna do for the 3rd one yet.

I like running about doing the quests and collecting things... sometimes you get lucky and collect things you can put in yur own "Dimension" home...  you can get dimensions and decorate them with get your first dimension  after doing a quest. You gotta pay for the other dimensions.

I have yet to join a Dungeon group... I'm used to WoW's dungeons  I wonder how the Rift Dungeons compare.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WoW: Noblegarden Week

In the World of Warcraft online... it's Noblegarden week... also known as Easter week to me. It's full of bunnies and hidden eggs, hording chocolates, and wearing silly costumes.

The eggs this year seem bigger than I remember them being when I played a few years ago. I played back a bit before Cataclysm came out.I finally got to play a bit of Cata before I quit playing.

Well, I'm back to playing...  since there are now PANDAs.. I love pandas. Anyways back to the Easter happenings. I made the mistake of trying to egg hunt on the first day in the afternoon.  It was a mad house.

It was hilarious that people were standing in weird places around the buildings in Goldshire and Dolanaar. They were basically hogging the eggs that kept spawning in certain places. So anytime I tried to get an egg I couldn't get it.. someone always beat me to it.. It was frustrating.

I left it alone and went back later at night. It was easier to find a place to park myself and share the eggs. I finally got my 500 chocolates to get my special Holiday Mount.. Also got 100 chocolates for the Spring Rabbit Battle Pet.

Currently working on the holiday achievements.. like wearing the Spring Robes and using it to make a flower grow in 4 different deserts. Almost got the achievement for the spring rabbit finding "love" in the four major holiday cities...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Magic: The Gathering

I don't know why but I felt the need to catalog all my Magic: the Gathering cards. I still play some but not as much as I did once. I collected a lot of cards. I looked around for cataloging software.

I kinda of knew what I wanted... something that had a picture of the card, told a price value, that kept up with the newest decks coming out. One I decided to try is Magic Assistant. So far I like it. It takes some getting used to but isn't too hard to use.

If you are looking for something web-based... try making a card collection on

I have both going to see which one I like more...   So far I almost have all my Zendikar Series Cards in my catalog.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spell Cards for D&D 3.5

We've been doing a lot of D&D 3.5 lately and some Pathfinder which is similar to D&D. For my characters I tend to have a ton of spells as I tend to always play some kinda magic user. I get sooo tired of trying to find my spells in the books... I'm thinking of trying to make my own spell cards.

If I start with the ones I need for the games I'm currently playing eventually I'll have a lot done for next time. I can keep adding spell cards each time I have a new magic user. And then eventually I should have most of the spells on cards...

Well it's a nice idea anyways. I know it's gonna take time to make them and get them the way I want. I also want to make them if I'm going to be GMing...  I've been looking online for ideas... with some of my Graphic Design schooling background I should be able to do something I like that will be functional.

Eventually I want to do the same with Monsters. Especially the ones I want to use whenever I ever GM a game.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Skyrim -Xbox 360

I have heard all the hype of Skyrim when it came out. I have several friends who have the game and have played it. I borrowed it from one of my friends to see if I would like it. I don't like to just buy a game without knowing if I'm going to even like it. Especially when the game is still costly...

My older brother started playing the game before me. He went the Wood Elf route with a Majority of Archery as weapon of choice. When I found the time that he wasn't on playing and I wasn't working or busy I got on to play. I went the High Elf route. My actual favorite weapon right now is a Warhammer with frost enchantment on it. So I get to whack the bad guys and freeze them a bit. I also am trying to secondary some Magics.

I also find I play different than my brother. He likes to go the most direct route even if it requires hiking up the face of a mountain. He also tends to over-encumber himself so it takes him half an hour to get to a city to sell his stuff. I went for the selling most everything when I could as soon as I could to make the 5000 gp to get my first house...   Yeah you can buy houses in the major cities. I got my first house in Whiterun. I finally got it all decorated now. I've seperated my stuff into the different chests, cupboards and shelves.

Instead of getting his house, my brother has chosen to learn some of the different skills you can pick up. Though I taught him about enchanting stuff and how to learn different enchantments. Took me awhile to learn about mining and what to do with the ore you get. I knew there was some place to turn the ore into the mineral bars we needed to make stuff. We finally found where to melt it down. My first thing to melt down and make was a bar of Moonstone.

My brother tends to go for the big, major objectives while I tend to work on the smaller miscellaneous stuff. I sometimes like just running about the map finding the different little places so they are on my map for later. I have way more Keys right now than my brother.

Oh and I finally learned about diseases you can get in the game. I know at least 1 place to go to get cured if you don't have the cure potions. I can get blessings at one of the current major temples in Whiterun that cures you of your ailments.

And did you know that supposedly you can get married in the game? Supposedly there is an Amulet of Mara that you need to have to be able to get married. It was one of my loot from my 1st big boss after getting my 1st Power Word (what I like to call my "DragonWord")

Good thing Walmart has layaway again for the winter season. I was able to put the Skyrim game (with the 3 expansions) on layaway. My friend is itching to have his game back so he can play it.....

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dark Souls - My start

Just picked up the game Dark Souls for Xbox 360. It was only $19.96. It sounded interesting...  Now I just need to get my poor self out of the Asylum that I found myself in at the beginning of the game. It seems there is some kinda disease going around that marks people and they start to loose humanity to become walking zombies.

Dark Souls is a dark-fantasy action role-playing game by From Software, and is considered a spiritual successor to the studio's 2009 hit Demon's Souls. The very challenging gameplay takes place in a large and continguous open world environment that encourages a trial-and-error approach. Casual or inexperienced gamers may struggle with many of its challenges, but experienced RPG players will enjoy its hardcore approach and the need for strategic and thoughtful play. Successful playthroughs of Dark Souls require more than 100 hours of play time. (so says

Now I just need to get my poor self out of the Asylum that I found myself in at the beginning of the game. It seems there is some kinda disease going around that marks people and they start to loose humanity to become walking zombies. I encountered the huge Asylum Demon. He packs quite a punch... So if you run into him.. RUN!!!!! You will have to gather the supplies first to take care of him later.  There is a guy I work with who is also playing the game... he's a bit better at it then I am it seems. But if I get lost I can always ask him what to do.. LOL

When I die a few times trying to do the same thing.. I'll stop and walk away from the game for a little bit. ThenI'll come back and can usually get thru what I need to to get to the next part. I have some other games like that too.